IPL Treatment

The intense pulsed light (IPL) emits a wide band of light that allows to treat several objectives at the same time, pigmented spots or rough cutaneous texture and thus to improve overall the quality of the skin by stimulating the formation of collagen. The energy of light acts in the deepest layers to gradually improve the tone and texture of the skin, remove stains, redness, enlarged pores, fine wrinkles and give luminosity.
At the Futura Clinic we offer the most advanced treatments ensuring quality of each and every one of our services.
We have the most modern laser platform and the latest technology for the care of aesthetics and health
Our premise; Facilitate a better quality of life for all our patients.
The Futura Clinic has evolved, at the pace that has made the medical specialty, in the treatments it offers its patients. Therefore, we always treat our patients with the most appropriate medical equipment.

Massage Therapy

Discover the beauty, spirit and traditions of both cultures: Oriental and Western, and travel around the world through our treatments and ancient rituals.
Inspired by the best Spas in the world, a new concept of Luxury Wellness is born. The careful decoration, lighting, sounds and smells give us a unique sensory experience.
Our therapists combine ancient and contemporary techniques, combined in a variety of treatments and rituals, based on the holistic principles of integral well-being, that achieve the balance between body and soul.
We use luxury, exclusive and natural products, carefully selected and inspired by traditional Asian therapies and the power of essential oils, to revitalize and restore balance, as well as relieve tension and restore peace and harmony.
Discover wellness through a trip around the world. Discover Futura Massage Therapy.

Corporate Chair Massage

No doubt, you know the consequences of a long time sitting in front of the computer. Make sure your employees do not feel that impact and give them a boost to their well-being directly in their workplace! With the Futura corporate chair massage, you’ll notice less absenteeism, greater motivation and a better sense of belonging to employees. Also, you’ll witness an increase in the efficiency of the staff as a whole, especially if 20 minutes of work time is missing! That's why chair massage is an excellent tool to relieve the stress and stresses of everyday demands and provide an excellent working environment.
The Futura express massage at work is a fixed massage service in your company. It is done by a highly qualified professional in a specially designed chair with a duration of 10' or 15' per session, as required by the company. The employee remains dressed during it. The massage covers the areas of neck, back, shoulders, arms, hands and head.
Our job is to help your company maintain its competitive edge by ensuring the well-being and health of its employees. Reducing work stress and increasing employee well-being has positive effects that are experienced throughout your company.

Men’s Barbering

Futura want to help relaunch one of the most valued trades for the male audience. You will find yourself in a comfortable environment with all the essence of the most traditional and specialised barber shops.
Barbers and skilled stylists who take care of your look are what you will discover at the Futura spa. We know what will fit you better, like cutting your hair and trimming your beard. We take great care of the detail and the deal with the customer is assured.